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How to care for your wood furniture.

Always use a coaster and placemat. Use a well rung damp cloth to wipe, do not leave the surface wet. Avoid use of chemical based cleaning products. Apply clear wax every 3 months to nourish the wood & to cover any marks apply the coloured wax to your furniture. Apply thinly & evenly all over, with a lint free cloth and wait half an hour then buff with a buffing brush.

Areas which have more concentrated use will need waxing more frequently such as table tops and coffee tables.

Care packs can be purchased from ourselves.


Only the top 5 % of leather hides are used to produce our leathers. Our leather is what they call full grain aniline leather. Full grain leather is taken from the top layer of the hide, which is extremely strong and durable, unlike lower quality leathers that use the thinner, weaker back layer.

Not only is it thicker and more durable, the natural grain and markings on the hide combined with a hot waxing process mimic the worn appearance of old distressed leathers producing the gorgeous vintage distressed appearance with a lush soft feel to the hide. Unlike lower quality leathers, our leathers beautify with use.


Build quality is essential to producing quality furniture so our choice of wood is central to producing quality long lasting furniture. Quebec pine is our timber of choice, historically used in the shipbuilding industry, the heavy stable wood, native to Quebec in Canada’s vast forests.

Quebec pine finishes very well and is particularly suited to pattern making and furniture manufacturing.