​Who we are.

The Company

​Company No9 design and manufacture bespoke wooden furniture for the modern family.  Born from a proud British tradition of wood-making, our products are time-tested and thoroughly classic. Simple aesthetic, high quality craftsmanship and function specific design are at the heart of all our products, highlighting the natural layers of beauty hiding in wood as a material.

​The Philosophy

​We are sustainable by design, we are not distracted by seasonal themes and trends, instead we chose to keep our product portfolio deliberately simple, by refining the classic and taking the needs of the modern customer into account. This design philosophy has left us with a long-lasting portfolio which can be easily adapted when change happens. We are able to re-purpose and re-design with ease. Doing our bit towards ending our modern throwaway culture and creating products that can truly withstand the test of time,.

​The Responsibility

​All wood used for our furniture is strictly FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) ensuring that our wood comes from well managed forests, providing economics, social and environmental benefits. Our products are made in the UK in local workshops, operating under sustainable and fair conditions. All of our furnishings are treated with non-toxic and ISO9001 accredited finishes.